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Dandeli Goa

Dandeli is located above 100 km from Goa ,460 km from Bangalore ,Dandeli is blessed with streams of water ,on the bank of river Kali. where you can explore nature , some wild animals and birds. As the place replate with resorts and homestay Once you explore the nearby places in dandeli for a day’s excursion, it’s time to explore other areas that are sure to thrill you. Let’s look into some photogenic and must-visit places in dandeli for a serious photographer.

Sathodi Falls, Dandeli

One of the most popular and beautiful falls in Uttara Kannada as you can enjoy nature at its best. Must visit place. The very fantastic place, and can also be called as heaven, water in this falls is always available including in the summer season. In the protection point of view A place for photography. Entry fees Rs.10 per person and car parking fees Rs.40. Timing 8am to 5pm. But worth it. Do not rely on google maps. Ask local people for way, they will help. From dandeli sathodi falls is 40 km


One of the amazing and beautiful falls near dandeli. It is around 40km from the main road One has to pass through lush green and thick grown vegetation. There is one homestay ( dark forest dandeli ) where you can order your meals and go to falls and you can have it when you are back. Must visit place in Uttara Kannada!

Moulangi Eco Park Dandeli

It is One of the best places Best to chill with family and friends in dandeli apart from water adventure spots.Best place to feel closer to nature, just mesmerizing and awe inspiring views.There is a lake flowing through the park.Moulangi rapids one of the best spots with clean water ideal for families swimmers and nature lovers safe for bathing. It is not only park but here Water Sports like Boating, Kayaking, Zorbing Ball activities are also done It has an attractive sightseeing spot closer to the lake and these are very good spots to take photographs. It is a place which helps us to relax and it has small things that are enjoyable to kids.Kids will love this place Entry fee: 20 INR, Timings: I 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every day, Distance from Dandeli Bus Stand: It is at a distance of 6 kilometres

Dandeli Photography Tour Packages

Couples photoshoot in dandeli

The couples can shoot amazing photoshoots at the resorts and homestay at dandeli . or go out and shoot outdoors. there is a beautiful place in Dandeli where you can take amazing photos.

River view camping in Dandeli

River view camping DANDELI offers you a great stay near the river and surrounded with forest. you can enjoy bonfire with home cooked food. Rafting and Camping in Dandeli are the greatest sources of adventure in the town. Camping unit will be near to river rafting point where you can click amazing photos Staff at the accommodation are always available to provide guidance at the reception.

Trekking and rafting in dandeli

Trekking Is an adventure along with dandeli forest. Dandeli is located above 100 km from Goa 460 km from Bangalore ,Dandeli is blessed with streams of water ,on the bank of river Kali. where you can explore nature , some wild animals and birds. As the place replate with resorts and homestay right in the village from where the trekking begins .There are several trekking routes in dandeli like kavala caves , Kulgi-Nagzari Valley, Shiroli Peak, Sathodi Falls, Sykes Point and Syntheri Rocks.while trekking you can click amazing photography of nature wildlife while trekking Rafting is a competitive sport and a great adventure which is done between the waves of water in the river kali. If you like adventure you should do river rafting in dandeli. The sport is a great feeling of nature while rafting you can click mindblowing photoshoot of river rafting in kali river

Wildlife photography in dandeli

Dandeli is a small city in karnataka . situated in uttar karnataka district dandeli is famous for adventure and eco tourism combination of an enjoyable and action package dandeli wild life is a joint reserve with the adjoint of anishi national park dandeli is a home of a tiger and many other wild animals like black panther , leopard , bison , elephant , wild pig , wild dog, and many more wild animals . dandeli wildlife is bird watching paradise more than 200 species of birds are seen at dandeli..some of the species birds like the are is situated approximately 1,800 feet above sea level and surrounded by tick forest it is covered in area 834 km and has been recognized has the second largest wildlife in the state

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Located over the River Kali in, Dandeli River boating is among the best in the entire country. ... The Dandeli boating adventure may sound like its dangerous, but is very safe and open for non-swimmers as well.

you can book into the, you can ask the management about the various adventure activities you can enjoy.

Yes they can there will be well trained specialized guide instructors in boat

Boating is done in ganesh gudi which is approximately 25 km from dandeli bus stand

Boasting in dandeli cost around 100 rupes per person the boating will be for 30 min

Zip line cost around 400 per person in dandeli

Zip line length will be 500 mtr

Yes its safe . Before you engage in the zipline in dandeli , you will be given a short briefing. Your instructors will also provide you with all necessary equipment like life jackets and helmets.

Kayaking Water Activities Will Be In Laguna Water Sports, AQUA WOODS ,kali water activity ,Bison River Resort ,White Water ,Rafting At Dandeli ,Hornbill Adventure Zone ,Adventure zone dandeli

yes, kayaking is easy.


Things to do in Dandeli

Most beautiful things are do in Dandeli.