My Dandeli Trip

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dandeli River boating safe?

Located over the River Kali in, Dandeli River boating is among the best in the entire country. ... The Dandeli boating adventure may sound like its dangerous, but is very safe and open for non-swimmers as well.

How do I book Dandeli River boating?

you can book into the, you can ask the management about the various adventure activities you can enjoy.

Can non swimmers go dandeli boating?

Yes they can there will be well trained specialized guide instructors in boat

How far is boating from dandeli busstand?

Boating is done in ganesh gudi which is approximately 25 km from dandeli bus stand

How much dus it cost for boating in dandeli?

Boasting in dandeli cost around 100 rupes per person the boating will be for 30 min

How much does zipline cost in dandeli?

Zip line cost around 400 per person in dandeli

How long is a zipline in dandeli?

Zip line length will be 500 mtr

Is zip lining safe in dandeli?

Yes its safe . Before you engage in the zipline in dandeli , you will be given a short briefing. Your instructors will also provide you with all necessary equipment like life jackets and helmets.

where is kayaking is done in dandeli?

Kayaking Water Activities Will Be In Laguna Water Sports, AQUA WOODS ,kali water activity ,Bison River Resort ,White Water ,Rafting At Dandeli ,Hornbill Adventure Zone ,Adventure zone dandeli

Is kayaking easy in dandeli?

yes, kayaking is easy.

Do you get wet kayaking in dandeli?

yes you will get wet,even if it is just little splash from a water

Do you need experience to do kayaking in dandeli?

kayaking is a simple sport that any beginner can learn quickly.

What is the best time to visit dandeli for bird watching ?

Best time to visit dandeli is from november to april

Where can i spot birds in dandeli ?

Best place to spot birds at dandeli is old magazine house

What is the difference between birding and bird watching at dandeli?

If you notice while travelling it's called birding. If you drive to see a rare bird it is called bird watching.

Can I sight birds in Dandeli city ?

Yes you can sit some birds like hornbill

How far is the old magazine house from dandeli?

Its around 20 km from dandeli

Do you need to book in advance while visting skyes point ?

No you dont need to book in advance when you vist skyes pont : the place needs forest department's permission to visit and can be obtained in the village before the point

Is there any atm available near skyes point ?

No there is no atm near skyes point its better if u bring cash while visting skyes point

Which are the homestay near to skyes point?

Dandeli paradise 11 km

Pepper paradise 14 km

ountain Paradise 14 km

When is the best time to vist skyes point ?

September to march is best time to vist skyes point

What are the attraction near skyes pont ?

Sathoddi falls 30 km

Bommanalli dam 11 km

How far is syntheri rocks from dandeli bus stand?

syntheri to Dandeli distance is 25 kms. One can reach syntheri from dandeli by the following mentioned transport options:

What is the best time to visit syntheri rocks?

Best Time to visit: October to March is the most pleasant time for the tourists to go to Syntheri Rock.

Is there trekking in Syntheri Rocks?

There is no Trekking in syntheri Rocks

How far is ulavi temple from syntheri rocks?

Syntheri rocks to dandeli is 15 km

What is famous in syntheri rocks ?

You can notice different kinds of rocks which are put along the way.Specimens of different type of rocks of geologic importance are displayed on the side of the stair pathway that leads to the syntheri rock site

Homestays near syntheri rocks?

Mountain paradise 15 km from syntheri rocks, Pepper paradise 15 km from syntheri rocks, Dandeli paradise 13 km from syntheri rocks

Is there a parking facility in syntheri rocks?

Park area featuring a river with small rapids & rock formations shaped & hollowed out over time.

Is there cycling at dandeli ?

Yes cycling will be included in the package

Should we pay extra for cycling ?

No . cycling will be included in package

Can we sight wild animals while cycling at dandeli ?

Yes . but depends on luck

Is cycling in dandeli safe ?

Yes cycling in dandeli is totally safe