My Dandeli Trip

Activities in Dandeli

our some activities here.
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River Rafting

The Dandeli rafting trail stretches for around 12km, making it one of the most exciting and exhilarating stretch of rafting. The rapids in the Dandeli River Rafting can be classified into grade 2 and grade 3 rapids which are ideal for both professionals and inexperienced rafters.

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River Boating

Boating in dandeli is not the first thing that comes to the mind while thinking of adventure water sports in . However, the charm of languidly boating around dandeli, surely beats many of the water sports. Boating near dandeli allows you to get sweeping views of the water and the far off wooded banks, while enjoying the stillness of nature.

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Coracle Ride

Coracle Ride in River Kali is one of the most interesting Dandeli activities. Coracles are small, light-weight boats which are used for river navigation. The boats are made of split and interwoven rods made of willow or other material and tied with bark. There is an outer waterproof layer made of canvas or other waterproof materials.

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Mid-Run Rafting

mid river rafting is recommended for those who like the thrilling sport of white-water rafting. Mid rafting covers 5 rapid in kali river which cost around 1100 per person 6 km white water rafting